Accounts office reference

This article will explain what is this an Accounts office reference number and where you can find it.


What is an Accounts office reference?

13-digit unique code used by HMRC to identify your business. This code is required as a security check when you contact HMRC with queries about your employees or when making PAYE payments. Note that all Accounts office reference  numbers have the same structure: three digit number of your tax office, two alpha characters and eight numeric characters. 

Where can you find it?

When you register as an employer with HMRC you will receive a letter containing this reference. However, you can also find it in the majority of communications you receive from HMRC. If you cannot find your Accounts office reference number you can contact HMRC and ask for a copy which will be posted to you.


Be aware that that entering an incorrect Accounts office reference code when submitting PAYE information can result in possible Real Time Information (RTI) submission failures at HMRC. This can cause delays in information reaching your HMRC account whish can then result in possible penalties and charges. Therefore, make sure you enter your Accounts office reference number correctly