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Manage access to your apps

Manage access to your core business systems. Connect apps like Google, Slack and Github to Zelt and create or delete user accounts programmatically when you onboard and offboard employees. Detect inactive users and monitor access from users outside of your organisation to protect your data.

An employee and their connected apps
Wires connecting employees' icons & Apps' icons to Zelt Logo

Automated provisioning

Use the directory of connected apps to manage access programmatically. Create and remove accounts and modify permissions in real-time and or schedule future changes with one click.

Seamless on- and offboarding

Select when and which apps should be ready for your new joiner. You can see all apps someone has access to and can schedule deletion in one go during offboarding.

Apps logos with "Picks your apps" written in the middle
Github access request from admin's perspective

Self-service via access requests

Your team knows what tools they need to get the job done. Employees can request access to any connected app. App owners just need to approve and Zelt creates the account.

Identify unwanted access

Keep an eye on users that are not part of your workforce and remove unauthorised users before they can cause any harm.

Admin's view of a warning where 10 leavers have still access to yuor organisation
List of apps summaries, (£ amount of unused Google accounts,  30 emails campaigns created with mailchimp...)


Measure usage and KPIs

Get more insights from your connected apps - analyse usage, identify power users and monitor KPIs such as response times on Intercom.

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