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Employees with benefits

Manage your pension and healthcare centrally and automate the busy work of adding and removing employees, and reconciling payroll. Give your team better visibility into their savings and enable them to change their choices themselves directly in Zelt.

UI of an employer and employee pension contributions percentages
Pension and Zelt Logos

Integrated with your provider

Add new joiners, sync contributions and remove leavers automatically without logging in.

Increase engagement

Allow your team to select themselves which plan and contribution levels work best for them.

A safe, some coins, a piece of paper & a calculator
An employee view of their Personal and Employer pension contributions

Make better choices

See how much you are setting aside and how much you will retire with.

Save on National Insurance

Use salary schemes for pension, healthcare and other benefits to save taxes. Let employees choose their options and reconcile automatically with payroll.

A piggy bank under an umbrella & some coins
Employees list & their contributions

Improve wellbeing

Keep an eye on who opts out or reduces contributions to learn about your team's needs.

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