Your next HR software is not just an HR software

Zelt is the first end-to-end backoffice platform designed for the modern company.

We handle payroll, pension, benefits, user provisioning, SSO, device management and more. Automate recurring admin processes by connecting your apps, business systems and even devices to Zelt.

The all-in-one business operating system where everything comes together


Managing people is hard.

Lets us help you. 

Everything you need for your employees in one simple to use application: manage payroll, sign up for benefits and pensions, onboard when you grow and offboard when it’s time to go, give your employees access to all your policies, payslips and learning tools. Simple to set up, easy for your employees to access. Did someone say win-win? 


Do you also have 10 tabs

open right now?

Everything in Zelt is made to streamline processes and simplify your life. People need the right apps and subscriptions to perform their best work. They also need it accessible and quickly available. We do it by integrating everything in one place and let you choose what they need. From Asana to Salesforce, AWS to Zendesk, your employees can access them all conveniently directly through Zelt.


Software doesn't work alone

With Zelt you don’t need to buy and manage expensive hardware: we provide laptops for a monthly fee, configured fully remotely and deliver straight to your doorstep. You can manage all issued hardware on Zelt and If you don’t need them anymore, we take care of the collection.


Startups and SMEs

love Zelt

We use the most modern cloud tools for our HR and IT stack thinking we would be able to run our fast growing startup efficiently: Personio for HR, Deel for remote hiring, Aviva for Pension, Pento for payroll, Okta for access management, Xero for accounting.
I have come to realise that the these tools don't speak to each other, which means we have to manually reconcile everything, every time.
We now know that the integration of interdependent tools is just as important as the tool itself, but I wish someone had told us that beforehand.

Chloe Gibbs

Heroes, Head of People


The employee journey


Onboard new employees in just 5 minutes: add to payroll, enrol in pensions and benefits, give access to relevant apps and order and set up laptop remotely.


Run payroll, keep pension contributions and benefits in sync, update employee details in one place and sync to all other systems. And if a laptop breaks we can take care of that too.


Offboarding as simple as shaking hands. Set an end date in Zelt and we take care of the rest: final salary, issue P45, remove access from all apps and systems and collect the laptop.


It's a no-brainer

Save time

Zelt is your single source of truth and integrates your entire stack, so you don’t need to maintain siloed systems by hand or pay someone else for it.

Be in control

Unifying all your systems, apps and devices  in one central hub, Zelt becomes your business operating system, so you are in in control of everything, all the time.

Save money

Consolidating tools means saving money. No need to spend on separate tools for HR, payroll, password management or company laptops. You save money and increase cash flow.  

Stop doing admin, 

sign up.