Summary of Framework Agreement for the Rental of Devices 

Effective as of September, 2022

Disclaimer: This summary is not a part of the Framework Agreement and is not a legal document. It’s a handy overview document highlighting key parts of the agreement. Read Framework Agreement in full here


  • You agree to rent a device for at least the minimum term selected at checkout (“Minimum Period”)


  • After the Minimum Period, the device rental continues on a monthly rolling basis at the same terms and can be terminated with one month notice to the end of the month


  • Before the Minimum Period devices can also be returned however subject to a termination charge equal to 65% of the remaining contract value


  • This framework agreement can be terminated with 1 month notice by either party



  • Initial delivery and return are organised and paid for by Zelt subject to certain exceptions for example in the case of damages. 


  • Zelt can provide cloud warehousing for any device during the rental period, subject to additional charges 


Damage and Loss

  • Zelt will collect and fix faulty devices free of charge to the extent covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and provide a replacement device free of charge in the meantime.


  • You are responsible for any loss, theft or damage not covered in the above.

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