Run all your HR and IT

on autopilot

Zelt is the first online back-office platform designed for the modern company.

We handle payroll, pension, benefits, user provisioning, SSO, device management and more. By connecting your systems via APIs, we automate recurring admin processes.


A cockpit for your company.

Zelt is a foundational business software which connects all your systems, apps and devices in one central hub. Staying on top of your internal processes has been a challenge in the past but Zelt makes life easier. 


Changes in your workforce require constant updating and syncing of your systems and IT.


Run payroll in a few clicks: set up every employee, pro rate salaries and file taxes automatically. All changes in your workforce are synced in real-time.

Pension & Benefits

Enroll employees in your pension, health insurance and wellbeing plans. All in one place and integrated with payroll.

Apps & Access

Set up users in all your apps, groups and channels based on smart rules. Zelt signs in your team everywhere so you can forget about passwords.

Devices & Security

Buy, configure and manage all company devices. Block access and wipe data when employees leave. 


Everything in one place.

Three fundamental elements drive your company's productivity: people, devices and software. They depend on each other and change constantly, in particular when your company is growing.

Most of these changes are driven by people events. When employees join, get promoted, relocate or leave the company, all or some of your systems, apps, devices, user groups and email lists are affected. And so far you have been making all adjustments by hand.

With Zelt, all of this is handled within one user interface and driven by a single system of record for all your employees, software and devices.





Goodbye checklists.

With all your software and devices integrated in Zelt, automation of manual admin becomes possible.

Best practice workflows come with Zelt right out of the box and are easily configurable to automate people admin end-to-end, based on smart rules, like roles and locations.


  • Update next payrun for salary changes and bonuses

  • Add new joiner to next pay run, pro rate first salary

  • Enroll new joiner in pension plan and benefits

  • Order and configure an encrypted laptop

  • Set up user accounts for Gmail, Slack and other apps

  • Add to relevant Slack channels and email groups

  • Issue corporate credit card and mobile to managers

Employee Lifecycle

  • Make all relevant documents and resources available to your team in one place, including contracts, payslips and policies 

  • Reflect changes in your employee data across all your systems (like payroll) and apps, from AWS to Zendesk

  • Update next payrun for salary changes and bonuses

  • When someone gets promoted to manager, change approval rights, email and chat groups

  • Sync changes in address, bank details, personal mobile and email to all downstream systems


  • Remove employee from payroll and benefits

  • Block access to company apps and devices

  • Decommission user accounts and stop paying for them

  • Schedule exit interview


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