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Send payment instructions to your bank in a few clicks. We integrate with most major UK banks so that you can send salary, expense and invoice payments conveniently and securely in a single batch to your bank - no emails or CSVs needed.

Admin view of employees' salary & open banking integration
Admin view of employees' salary & open banking integration

UK's most powerful payment platform

Make payments in bulk, instantly and secure.

FCA-approved integration into all major UK banks using Open Banking. Powered by Yapily's open banking platform.

Automated salary payments

Salary and HMRC payments are generated automatically when you run your payroll in Zelt,

simply authorize it with your bank.

Admin view of open banking integration & ability to pay
Piece of paper with written paid on it

Simple to use

Payments in Zelt are easy to use for both admins and employees whether you are approving a contractor's invoice or claiming back an expense.

Batch payments

Instantly deliver transfers directly to multiple recipients in one click. No manual data entry required, no human errors. Save your time to focus on more valuable tasks.

keyboard with pay key instead of whitespace key
A smart watch, a pen & a piece of paper

Real time or scheduled

Spend time when you have it. You can process payroll in advance and schedule payments to go when you need it.

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