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Automated employee onboarding

This guide show how you add and onboard new joiners to your company across payroll, pension, apps and hardware in a few minutes.

This short clip shows how you can onboard a new joiner in a few simple steps, fill out their profile, set up all workplace accounts and get their laptop ready.

First, let’s go to People Directory in your account. Make sure to enable access to Onboarding in permission settings for whoever you want to be able to add members to your team. Click the Onboard button to launch the workflow. At first, we will need to know some basic information about this new joiner so we can create an account for them in Zelt.

Fill in their name, emails and start date. Don’t worry if you don’t have a work email for this new joiner yet - put in the desired email and we will create it in your connected Gmail account in the following steps.

If your company is running payroll in Zelt you will have a quick action here to also create an account for this employee in Payroll and Pension. All personal information will be synced right to their account and you will not have to enter their details more than once.

You can also trigger this onboarding flow for already existing employees if you used Google Import or Quick Add - simply go to their Profile actions and Select Onboard from there.

First step is to provide employment information for this new joiner. We ask that you provide as much relevant information as possible in this first step, so that we can onboard the user correctly in all your systems. All information provided here is admin or HR related so new joiners will not be able to see/change this in their onboarding process.

Second step is about personal information. Feel free to leave this section blank, as we know you may not have all information at hand. Newly onboard employees will have a chance to add their own Passport information, Bank account Details and more. You can check what their side of the onboarding process looks like in another demo.

In the third step you have an option to request any documents for upload from new joiners - for example it is a legal requirement in the UK to check Right to Work of every employee so you may ask them to upload proof of their Passport or Immigration documents.

You can create your own document requests here if one of the templates does not match what you need.

Next is the tasks step where you can use one of your existing tasks checklists to quickly assign some onboarding to-do’s like picking up an office card or asking department managers to set up team meetings with new joiners. You can also add one-off tasks here.

Getting to the apps step: here we can create accounts for your new joiner in a few simple steps. There is a growing stack of workplace tools that Zelt has an integration with - make sure to connect your accounts so you can provision seats to your team members. First, create the work email for this new joiner. Later we will be able to invite them to the rest of the apps.

Devices is the final Onboarding step - here you can order a secure and powerful device for your new joiner starting from £34/month. You will later be able to check the device in Devices module.

We hope this is useful! Let us know if you have any questions.


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