Contracts in Zelt

With the latest release, Zelt brings to you the functionality of creating smart contract templates and sending them to be signed right from the app.

Secure, fast and simple to use.

Upkeeping existing digital contracts and updating details of the same contract on-demand creates overheads for company admins and managers. On top of it all - it leaves room for human error. Contract templates in Zelt will provide your team with the ultimate automation when it comes to sending contracts to your employees or contractors.

Simply upload your current contracts to Zelt, add Smart Fields and start sending them from one place without revisiting any document to update personal details of your employees.

Smart Fields work as placeholders that will ingest employee details when the contract template is sent to them.

One of available Smart Fields is a Signature field that you can request from a company representative and/or from the employee themselves. Today, most of us are familiar with e-signatures and know that it is an efficient, legally binding way to approve a digital document.

You can start with the Sample Employment Agreement in Zelt to see how this feature works or start adding your own templates. Upgrade to People Pro to add more than one contract template.

Watch the full demo here (5 min)


How do I upload a template to Zelt?

To start with your own template make sure that your file is a Word document (docx). Once you have it, click Add template and upload the contract.

How to send a contract?

Is e-signature on Zelt secure?

Where to find Audit trail for the signed contract?

Where will I find a copy after signing?

I've sent a contract request by mistake. How can i recover?


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