Enrol a device into Zelt MDM

Updated: Nov 19

With Zelt you can bring all of your workplace tools under one secure roof - including devices. Employers on Zelt can order a new device for their new joiners so that they're ready to hit the ground running.

Video Guide

Step-by-step Guide

As an employee you can enrol your existing company device yourself without needing to go through an admin, saving everyone time. Check this guide to learn how.

1️⃣ Login to your Zelt account and find Devices app

2️⃣ Click Add Device > Add existing

3️⃣ Tell us more about your device and 1) set the status as active if you are using this device (you can also add unused devices as an inventory item) and b) select the Platform that this device is running on.

​4️⃣ After you've successfully added your device you should see it appear in the list in Devices Overview. Now click on this device in the list to see more details. Click on Device Actions > Enrol device

5️⃣ A new flow should open asking you to download agent. Check your user name and password. Click Enrol Device button, read and agree to Terms and Conditions and enter your credentials to download the agent to your device.

6️⃣ Click continue after your new MDM has finished downloading. Wait for the device to sync. On the final step - make sure your Serial Number has matched correctly.

And you are done 👌


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