How often can I go on break in my 8 hour shift?

Updated: Nov 18

As a UK worker you are entitled to three types of rest breaks

  • 20 minute rest break during your shift

  • 11h break between shifts

  • 24h break per week

Rest break during your shift

If your shift lasts longer than 6 hours you have the right to take a 20 minute rest break during your shift as a UK worker. Note that your employer does not have to pay you for the duration of the break.

Rest break between shifts

Between each shift you are also entitled to rest for 11 hours without interruption, known as the 11 hour break. For example, if you work till 8pm on Thursday, you cannot be asked to work again until 7am on Friday.

Weekly rest break

Each week workers are entitled to rest for 24 hours without work, or 48 hours each fortnight without work. That means you cannot be required to work a full shift every day of the week and if you do, you are entitled to rest for the entire weekend the following week.


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