Product Release: Feb 2022

Updated: May 16

This month we've made lots of 🐞 fixes but also we're shipping some brand new, shiny features that we hope you will love!

Supercharged MacBook Pro M1 🚀

The most powerful MacBook Pro ever is here and Zelt is bringing it to your teams! With the blazing-fast M1 Pro chip — the first Apple silicon designed for pros — you get groundbreaking performance and amazing battery life.

Pro-tip: Order this MacBook straight from the Onboarding flow for your new joiners. You can choose for it device to be shipped straight to the fresher or to your offices.

Once the device order is placed you and your team members can check their shipment status right in Devices app. Once you've received the package you will need to login to your Zelt account to retrieve unique activation details.

Import to Zelt hassle-free 🥳

Use the improved flow for adding people to Zelt via Google Workspace import or add people manually with CSV import or just by their name and email address.

Click the 3-dots menu in People, select Import New Users and select your preferred method!

Pro-tip: use the same flow for bulk updates to your team, for example if your company email address changes!

Offboarding Leavers 👋

Whenever the time has come, you can part with your employees in one simple flow. Since all of your workplace apps and devices are already connected to Zelt, you simply need to click Offboard in employee's Account Actions and follow the steps.

📅 Set the last day at work and the last contractual date. You may want to revoke app access on the last day at work, since some leavers may be using their notice period to take any outstanding holiday (aka not working).

🧩 Make sure you don't leave any unfinished business behind. A lot of employers actually forget to disconnect the leaving employee from workplace apps like Slack, Google, Notion and if your tools are charging by the seat - it will accumulate over time💰

💻 Arrange return for employee's devices

✅ Assign any good-bye tasks for your leavers

😌 Ta-da, breakups don't always have to be so hard

Pro-tip: You can also deactivate any Zelt account to prevent login.

Brand New App Store 🛍

Check out our revamped App Store and connect your workplace apps to Zelt.

🚀 Plenty to choose from: Zelt has live integrations with 13 apps.

🌎 Manage all employee accounts in one place.

✅ Ensure all info is up-to-date, we sync employee data to apps.

🔐 Allow quick access - all connected apps appear on your team's homepage.

🚨 Enable Slack notifications by connecting your channels.

💰 Import and export employee data to your accounting software.

Don't see your favourite app? Send our Product Lead a request here: 📩

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