Product Release: March 2022

Updated: Apr 22

This month we're bringing some great additions to empower employees and employers to have a better experience on the platform. From some bug fixes to some new features to make admin disappear.

Managing multiple roles from one account 👤

Zelt is the employee experience platform that is built with Admins in mind and with Employees at heart. As an administrator of your workplace tools, you are also still an employee. So apart from managing the whole organisation - you still want to be able to check your own information with ease.

This release features the new navigation for whatever hat you are wearing 🤠 In each app or function you will now be able to spot the quick switch between your Company and Me view. This unifies the experience for each member of the team, so you are able to find the company and your own information in one place. In a few weeks we will add the Manager view to the same navigation, which will enable managers to quickly check on their teams in every app.

Automated Payroll Onboarding 📝

Onboarding is the most process-heavy operational task that any hiring manager has to go through. From collecting some basic information like personal email, checking Right To Work and verifying Tax Code - each step is important and it is unlikely you will have all information at hand yourself.

With this release we're adding an Automated Payroll Onboarding step for your new joiners.

Adding new joiners to Payroll presents many challenges, among others:

❌ Not knowing their Tax Code

❌ Not knowing their Student Loan plan

❌ Not knowing how much salary they have received in this Tax Year

❌. Not knowing how much tax they have paid in this Tax Year

❌ Not knowing their Leave Date from the previous job

❌. Not keeping a record of their P45

And the risks of getting this wrong are high: Millions of UK employees could be in the wrong tax code and could be owed thousands of pounds. However, last thing an employer wants is to disappoint the new joiner and pay them an incorrect, often lower salary. Real life example below happens way too often.

This was shared by a friend, who recently started a job they were really excited about.

✅ Zelt nips the issue in the bud - by giving new joiners a chance to provide all the required information and guiding them through this process.

Chat to us 💬

With our new in-app chat feature we're hoping to be even closer to your experience on Zelt. Feel free to drop us a message anytime!

Other notable mentions:

  • Delete user functionality: Useful when you don't want to keep any records of them on Zelt)

  • Upgrade to Slack messages: Make sure you don't miss important days (Work Anniversaries🏆, Birthdays🍰, Holidays🏝)

  • Faster homepage loading time

  • Expanded CSV import

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