Product Release: Jan 2022

Updated: Apr 22

Happy 2022 from Zelt! We wish you all the best in the New Year and want to thank YOU for your support in 2021! This year we hit the ground running and we're excited to share some of the newest features below.

🧩 Onboarding Employees

Finding just the right person is huge 😉

Now that you found them - you want to make sure their onboarding experience is a breeze. We've built a simple Onboarding workflow allowing you to be best prepared for your New Joiner.

  • 👤 Enter all employee information in one go. Getting too personal? You can always invite the employee to complete personal information themselves (Bank Account Information, Personal ID, Emergency contact details and more)

  • 📄 Request any documents for upload. New Joiners will be prompted to upload these before finalising their setup on Zelt.

  • ✅ Assign any Onboarding tasks to this user. You can also user our new Checklists to save time.

  • 🔑 Create Gmail account for this New Joiner and give access to workplace apps. You can add users to any of the integrated apps you have connected on Zelt.

  • 💰 Enrol to Pension and Payroll in one simple step.

  • 💻 Order one of our best in class devices in a few simple clicks. Zelt will make sure this device is delivered on time.

✏️ Employee Experience

For new joiners this experience is going to be just as simple. As soon as the admin has finalised onboarding setup, they can choose to invite employees straight away to do it later.

Once the invite is out - employees will receive a welcome email inviting them to fill in personal profile plus any tasks admin has asked them to do.

✅ Task Checklists

A recent upgrade to our Tasks app is the Checklists feature.

You can create a reusable list of tasks and inject it in multiple workflows like Onboaridng, Offboarding, Performance Reviews and more.

Checklists allow you to save time when performing the same routine processes time and time again. You can get creative with how you want to use checklists - provide as much (or as little) information as you want. Every time you use a Checklist in a workflow (for example in Onboarding) you will always have a chance to add missing details. For example - add the New Joiner in "Assigned To".

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