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👋Welcome to Zelt

Hello and Welcome to Zelt 🙌

In this guide we will take you through some initial setup process of your personal account in Zelt. You can read about some features in more detail by following the links. Or you can always reach out to one of us if you need help in setting up.


Firstly: Congratulations on getting that new job! 🎉 Zelt is going to be the single place where you can check and manage all of your work-related information like

  • Holiday🏝

  • Team info👯‍♀️

  • Salary and benefits💰

  • Work documents 📑

  • Access to work apps💾

  • Manage your work device💻

  • and much more.. (check our latest features)

When you are invited to join your new team on Zelt, you will receive an email with a link taking you to onboarding. Make sure everything is correct in your profile by following the steps. Your HR rep may have requested some important documents from you - you can upload them now or later. Make sure you tick-off all of your to-do's before it gets too busy!


Checking and editing your information

You can always come back to your profile to check and edit your personal information. In your profile you will find individual cards - each dedicated to certain types of information. Some allow for historical data.

For example, if you have moved to a new address - you should update your Address card.

Use Effective Date field for your new address to let your employer know from what date is this new address going to be effective. This way you can keep records up to date in times of transition. Same goes for Bank Account Information.

Functions in Zelt

First thing you see on your homepage is blue app icons. We call them Functions. Here you can find all the basic functionality on Zelt like logging Time Away, checking team calendar, completing your tasks and uploading documents.


If you have been assigned a Zelt device - you can check up on it via "Devices" function on your homepage. You can also check order progress while you are waiting for the device to arrive.

Once you have received the device - click "Confirm Delivery" to activate it.

Remember, in order to access your device you need activation details. Use the provided user name and password when you first launch your laptop.

​If you already have a work laptop - head here to learn more about self-enrolment so you can always check on your laptop in Zelt.


We update this guide regularly. Check back for new demos or reach out to us directly via in-app chat fr help.


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