Why you need a Government Gateway

Updated: Nov 4

If you want to report taxes including VAT and PAYE to HMRC digitally you need a Government Gateway account. This article explains why a Government Gateway account is useful and how you can set one up in 6 simple steps.

Why is a Government Gateway account important?

A Government Gateway account is useful because it shows you what you owe to HMRC across all different types of tax categories, such as corporation tax, PAYE and VAT, almost in real-time. It also notifies you of any money you owe to HMRC and shows a history of all payments made.

Any software that is reporting taxes for your company, such as a payroll software reporting PAYE or accounting software for VAT, you will be asked to save your Government Gateway details in your settings so the software can communicate with HMRC on your behalf.

Note that often times external accounting firms report taxes digitally on your company's behalf using their own Government Gateway, which means you do not hv

Setting up your Government Gateway takes only a few minutes

  1. Go to HMRC login page

  2. Click "Sign in"

  3. Click “Create sign in details”

  4. Enter your email address where asked

  5. Click the activation link in the email sent to you

  6. Receive your Government Gateway user ID via email ​

Make sure you keep note of your Government Gateway ID since you will need this number to sign in your account.

What next?

Your Government Gateway account only becomes useful when you activate the different tax accounts you hold with HMRC for your company such as VAT or PAYE. Each of those has a separate account within HMRC with its own identification codes, and you need to add them manually to your account. To do so, simply click Add a tax to your account at the top of your Government Gateway dashboard.


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