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The fastest and safest way to get your team paid. Automate payroll calculations and send payments to your bank in a few clicks- no CSVs needed. New hires onboard themselves by completing a starter checklist and can access payslips in Zelt, reducing the need to expose sensitive employee information via email.

Overview of an employees' bonus list
HMRC & Xero Logos and a piggy bank representing pension integration
Picture showing that salaries have been paid

Fastest payroll in the UK

Run payroll end-to-end in under 60 seconds from the time you start to the time your employees receive salaries in their account.

Reduces errors and delays

No outdated or missing information. Transparent view of personal data for your employees.

Money flawlessly flowing onto a track

Best UK Payroll Provider 2022


A trophy

Onboard in seconds

No need to chase new joiners on email for their data. Zelt automatically collects all required information directly from your employee and makes sure they are on the correct tax code and deductions.

An employees list showing that an employee did not provide required documents
Admin view of employees' salary & open banking integration

Make all payments
in one go

Integrates directly with Zelt Payments allowing you to execute all salary, pension and HMRC payments in bulk and in one go. The days of manually entering wires or uploading CSVs are finally gone.

More visibility and control

Let your team know when they are getting paid and give them access to all their data and keep it up to date in their Zelt profile, get insights into their income and deductions, download payslips and other tax documents.

4 binders, one calendar, some coins & one folder
An admin view of employees' salaries & what has been anticipated

Earned wage access

Get the fractional salary you have already earned throughout the month early. Zelt advances the money on your behalf and simply deducts it again when you run payroll next time.

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