Set up PAYE Online

Before you start paying salaries to your employees, you will need to create an HMRC online account (Government Gateway) and activate your PAYE number in it. This article will explain you how you can do this in 5 simple steps. 

1. Go to the HMRC registration page 


Make sure you have your employer’s PAYE reference number and your accounts office reference number, which can be found on the letter HMRC sent you as soon as you registered as an employer with them. If you have not registered as an employer yet check here


2. Create your sign in details by following these steps:


  • Enter your email address – you will receive a message containing a login code

  • Enter the login code, your name and set a password of your choice

  • You will receive your Government Getaway ID both on screen and via email

  • Take note of your ID and password as you will need them frequently


3. Choose the type of account you need

Make sure you select Organisation if you are registering as a limited company, partnership, or charity. When presented with similar question, select the same option. 

4. Register for HMRC taxes

Make sure you select “PAYE for Employers” to register for the employer tax or schemeEnter your employer’s PAYE reference number and your accounts office reference number and press “Next”.


5. Receive activation code via post and finish activation 


For you to activate the login for PAYE you will need an activation pin. This pin will be sent via post a few days after you completed the registration process. As soon as you receive it log in to your account, select the option “PAYE for employers” and enter the pin. With this last step you will have successfully completed your registration and login activation which mean you will have full access to HMRC’s PAYE online services. 


What’s next?


Now that you are registered for PAYE online you are ready to start employing your first employee.