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Product Overview

Why Zelt?


Create a better employee experience by building your people operations systems and processes around your people, not your tools. With Zelt, your team does not have to jump through hoops to get the resources they need with self-service and seamless approvals.


People operations is about providing your team with the right tools and support to get the job done. Zelt makes pay, benefits, software, hardware, time off and reviews available in a single place, as simple as drag and drop. So your team can focus on their job rather than learning internal processes.


Automate the busy work in your day-to-day operations so people can get home on time more often. With Zelt you can save time onboarding and offboarding, entering employee information by hand, buying and shipping laptops, creating accounts in work apps, and much more.

2 new joiners onboarding this week
Payroll costs this month £150,850.50 (+8%)
Your team’s average response time was 5 minutes this week +33%
3 leavers still have access to your Github organisation.
You device protection level has decreased to 65% this week
Three employees are approaching vesting cliff this month


Get real-time insights into your workforce, headcount costs, device fleet security and tool stack to make better decisions. With Zelt you can order, configure, ship and monitor devices with a few clicks and manage access to and monitor usage of apps centrally.


When you keep things simple, less goes wrong and there is less to maintain and get distracted by. With Zelt, you can use fewer tools and simpler processes to promote reliability, engagement and lots of up time.

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