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Manage everything from payroll, benefits, devices, apps and more seamlessly in one central hub, for all processes and applications, third-party included. Improve productivity through enhanced employee experience.

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Unified Workforce Platform

Zelt lets you manage your workforce efficiently across HR and IT in one central hub. All processes and applications are integrated into the centralized platform, accessible from any location and device. 

HR Cloud

All the tools you need to manage your people.

IT Cloud

Manage workplace apps and devices, securely.

• Ordering & shipping

• Zero touch deployment

• Device security

• Provision accounts

• Single sign on

• Access control

As we scaled our team, we started caring more and more about efficient processes in our people organisation, across HR, Finance and IT. We quickly realised that our existing tooling, incl. Personio, Pento and Okta, could not offer the automation we hoped for, and decided to re-platform.

Chloe Gibbs

Chloe Gibbs
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