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Manage HR, payroll and IT in a single system and automate the things that distract you from achieving your mission

The people platform for growth 


Powering the UK's next unicorns, backed by

Product overview

Manage all employee processes from a single system of record and put an end to emails, spreadsheets, checklists.



Zelt People is an intelligent HRIS integrates natively with payroll, time off, benefits and IT so that any employee record updates propagate automatically. Onboard and offboard employees seamlessly using configurable workflows and let them self-serve. Requesting access to an app or new equipment is as easy as requesting time off.

Why use Zelt?

Automate busy work and focus on your mission.

We built Zelt specifically for modern startups and SMBs which want to reduce the burden of administrative tasks to be able to focus on their mission

The logistics of running a business still belong to a different era. There's an enormous amount of manual workflows that still needs to be digitised to allow entrepreneurs and operators to focus fully on building great companies, and Zelt is here for the rescue.

Daniel Hegarty

Daniel Hegarty

Founder of Habito

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