Forget HR software

Zelt is the first employee platform designed for digital companies.

With Zelt you can handle payroll, pension, benefits, software and device provisioning, SSO and more in one place. Connect all your apps, systems and devices to Zelt and automate admin.

The all-in-one business operating system where everything comes together


Managing people is hard.

We will help you.

Everything you need for your employees in one simple tool

Run Payroll and pay salaries in seconds

Manage pension enrolments and sync contributions 

Add and manage your benefits

Onboard new employees everywhere in minutes

Manage time off and WFH

Offboard employees everywhere when they leave


As many Apps as you need.

One source of thruth.

We integrate everything in one place and let you choose what each employee needs:

Add and configure new apps in seconds

Manage and track users

Create and manage groups consistently

Users added automatically during onboarding​ and removed during offboarding

Log in everywhere without password using SSO

Be in control of your subscriptions


And what about devices?

With Zelt you don’t need to buy and manage expensive hardware:

Rent new MacBooks for as little as 27£ per month

Pay and use month to month, no lock-up contract

Configure and assign them remotely to your employees, no more shipping around laptops

Update software remotely 

Enforce security rules

We use the most modern cloud tools for our HR and IT stack thinking we would be able to run our fast growing startup efficiently: Personio for HR, Deel for remote hiring, Aviva for Pension, Pento for payroll, Okta for access management, Xero for accounting.
I have come to realise that the these tools don't speak to each other, which means we have to manually reconcile everything, every time.
We now know that the integration of interdependent tools is just as important as the tool itself, but I wish someone had told us that beforehand.

Chloe Gibbs

Heroes, Head of People

For Founders, COOs and CHROs who feel like their work is mostly administering different software applications.


Zelt is the only people platform that will take work from your team, not create work for the team.

Stop doing admin, 

sign up.