The world does not need another HR software.

Everyone agrees that people-centric companies do better. But why is that most companies are still running their organisation based on admin-centric tools and processes across HR, finance and IT?


It's adding paperwork, processes, emails and friction which distract from work and are hated by employees.

Great companies empower their people to be productive and have a good experience at work, and we believe that an employee platform should be built with the primary goal to achieve just that.

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To be people-centric is to think about how your people want to work and what inspires and motivates them to do the work. It takes leaders and management to separate their drivers from that of their people.

There is a better way.

Zelt acts as a digital interface between employees and employers, in which you can get the things you need at work - pay, benefits, company apps, hardware, important documents, and more - in a highly automated and self-service manner, collect feedback and approvals, and interact with your manager and reports without friction.


Zelt is centered around your needs and enables you to equip yourself and your team with everything needed to succeed at work. So you can achieve your goals and get home on time more often.

Who we are

Disruptive and curious 

We don't know everything, so we are always looking around and asking ourselves: Is this the best way to do it? If the answer is no, then we build it, better.


We joined Zelt because they want to build something great. We strive for greatness and we do not apologize for it. We want to be the best version of ourselves and are continuously working on it.


We care about our mission to simplify life for our customers, and we see opportunities in complexity and blockers, because that's what we are here to solve.


We listen and seek to understand before reacting, while adapting our communication style to work with people from around the world.

We pride ourselves in providing honest, helpful, timely feedback to each other.


We make a conscious effort to keep our team diversity high. We are 40% female and not a single nationality is represented twice in the team.

What to expect when you interview with us?

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First stage

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Meet with our Head of Talent 👋


Quick call to find out more about you and why are you interested in joining Zelt!

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Meet with our Head of Talent 👋

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Second stage

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Meet a team member 🧑‍💻


Intro call to get to know your interests and skills 

Get to know Zelt and what we do!

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Technical task💾

You will be invited to a technical challenge or a presentation, depending on the role. 

We're looking for some fresh ideas! 💡


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Final interview with our CEO and Founder



Our investors