Who we are

Disruptive and curious 

We don't know everything, so we are always looking around and asking ourselves: Is this the best way to do it? If the answer is no, then we build it, better.


We joined Zelt because they want to build something great. We strive for greatness and we do not apologize for it. We want to be the best version of ourselves and are continuously working on it.


We care about our mission to simplify life for our customers, and we see opportunities in complexity and blockers, because that's what we are here to solve.


We listen and seek to understand before reacting, while adapting our communication style to work with people from around the world.

We pride ourselves in providing honest, helpful, timely feedback to each other.


Everyone has a voice and Zelt is better for it. Our team is global, and the different perspectives and views enrich us and make us better. 

What our team says:

"The Zelt team has already developed such a high degree of trust in one another! We each have expertise in a several areas, and we are able to lean into each other for support and guidance, and it makes our decision making stronger. I believe the future is truly set up for success, and we have so much opportunity ahead of us. Each vertical in our platform has its own unique growth path, and our team gets to decide how and when we make it happen. It's so rewarding to develop both short term solutions and long term strategies, and lead the charge on chasing those goals. We have also cultivated a dynamic work environment where we are constantly identifying new challenges and in turn, new ways to cross the finish line. Our culture is built on taking action!"

Zelt employee

Pedro, Chief of Staff

Open Roles

Senior Backend Engineer

Engineering | London & Remote

AWS Serverless

UI/UX Designer

Product | London & Remote

UI/UX Design


Fullstack Engineer

Engineering | London & Remote



Founder Associate (Intern)

Strategy | London

Management Consulting

Investment Banking


Our investors